Eat More Fat And Protect Yourself From The Flu?

According to a study published in 2019, the ketogenic diet, high in fat and low in sugar, could help us fight the flu. We take stock.

Salmon, avocado, nuts, sour cream… Foods rich in fat abound in the ketogenic diet, also called keto. The latter, which is gaining more and more followers, consists in increasing the intake of lipids (fats) and limiting that of carbohydrates.

Originally used to treat patients with epilepsy, it is now believed to help some people lose weight. According to a study, published in 2019 in the journal Science Immunology, it could also protect us against the flu virus.

Higher survival rate

To carry out their work, researchers at Yale University (United States) had fed mice with different diets, ketogenic and standard, for seven days. Scientists then injected them with the type A influenza virus, responsible for seasonal influenza states. After a week, the mice that had been on a keto diet had fewer traces of the virus in the lungs and a higher survival rate than the others. The latter was, therefore, better protected against the influenza virus.

A strengthened immune system

This study once again established a link between diet and risk of disease. A diet rich in fat is associated with a high concentration of T lymphocytes, responsible for cellular immunity. By strengthening the immune system, the latter would therefore better resist influenza infection.

A controversial diet

The ketogenic diet doesn’t just have benefits, it could also have significant side effects. The high fat intake could worsen cardiovascular problems. Food ketosis, on the other hand, can be accompanied by headaches and fatigue. It is, therefore, better to seek advice from your doctor before making it fat.