Eat Fat: It’s Good For Your Health!

Consuming fat would be good for our health. Fat even lengthen our life expectancy, according to American research. Yes, but what kind of fat can you actually eat?

While many health campaigns recommend avoiding fat, recent work tends to show otherwise!

For the purposes of a study conducted by two teams of American scientists, mice followed different diets including one high in fat and low in sugar.

Result of the experiment published in the journal Cell Metabolism: the life expectancy of rodents increased by 13%, that is to say again of seven to ten years of human life.

The ketogenic diet in practice

This diet, called Ketogenic (or Keto), consists almost exclusively of fat and protein. Clearly, the diet should contain around 90% lipids (oils, butter, margarine …), 8% proteins (meat, fish, eggs …), and 2% carbohydrates (starches, sugar, fruits. ..).

With almost no carbohydrates, the body takes the energy it needs to function from fat. Thus, the liver will produce acetone and acetylacetonate and transform them into ketone bodies, responsible for providing energy to neurons.

The allowed and prohibited foods

The ketogenic diet, therefore, allows foods containing fat such as meat (have cold cuts, fatty liver, chicken …), fish, seafood, green vegetables, fruits (lemon, red fruits, papaya, watermelon), eggs, certain dairy products (butter, crème fraîche, firm cheese), oils (walnuts, rapeseed, olive, etc.), avocado, oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc.) , dark chocolate … You can also consume plain yogurts, milk, wine, and coffee, but in moderation and without sugar of course.

Certain foods should be avoided altogether, such as bread, pastries, pastries, cookies, ready-made meals, vegetables rich in carbohydrates (carrots, corn, parsnips, quinoa, buckwheat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets … ), sugar, rice, legumes, fruits, fresh and soft cheeses, fruit and sugar-based products (compotes, fruit juice, jam), sodas, milk chocolate…

The positives and negatives of the keto diet

The ketogenic diet has more than one string to its bow. It slows down the progression of certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s or cancers. How? ‘Or’ What? Diet changes the way diseased cells are supplied. However, beware of dietary deficiencies…